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Analyzing Business Data
Andrew can help with all types of business analysis.
Upward Trends
Andrew can help improve your business finances
Lasting Relationships
Andrew Martin has created many lasting business relationships with his clients.

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Andrew Martin Consulting provides financial management support to small and medium sized businesses throughout the south west.

Personal Service

Personal Service

Helping small & medium sized businesses gain control of their finances.
design and reporting process

Design & Reporting

Review and design of processes, internal controls, IT systems, control templates and business reporting.
Financial forecasting

Financial Forecasts

Integrated financial forecasts to help stabilise the future of your business.
professional financial consultations


Personalised one to one meetings to understand best course of action.

‘Wait and see’ may appear to be a good maxim – but in business it can spell disaster. Andrew Martin Consulting ensures management accounting information reaches the right people at the right time, administration and accounting staff are versed in how best to process and manage financial data, and internal controls and processes are robust and accurate. Andrew Martin Consulting have been working with businesses, small and medium, in the South West area for a number of years. Offering Business Financial Management services with an approach that includes your business so that you can rest easy and feel included and in control of the project. Our services are such that once in place, clients are free to choose whether to do the work themselves or retain our services so that they can concentrate on the more day to day running of their businesses. By tailoring our business financial management services to each business we are able to provide the management and the relative parties within that business a detailed, more relavant and useful collection of data so that they have a much clearer idea on how the business is performing – the key here is to provide that data correctly, and with high levels of accuracy and completeness.
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Large or small, every business needs to know how they are performing each month in order to respond effectively. Sound information systems save considerable time and money. Andrew Martin Consulting is referred by chartered accountants, business consultants, banks and legal advisors, whose services we complement.

Business Financial Management Services

  • Our Approach

    Andrew Martin Consulting provides a business financial management support service with a particular financial bent to small and medium sized businesses in the South-West.

    Over many years of working with businesses in the area, Andrew understands and champions the benefits to small and medium sized enterprises of accurate and timely financial management and business performance reporting.

    Whether two days a week, four days a month or even one day a quarter, Andrew offers assistance and advice accordingly, supporting the management of the business as they require
  • How We Work

    The first meeting that you have with Andrew Martin is completely free.

    The time is used to assess your needs and to better understand your business and how business financial management might be able to help you. It is important that both you, your team and us at Andrew Martin Consulting, understand how the data and tools that we provide will be used. With this understanding we are able to better determine how to present the information so that the management can improve the business
  • What We Offer

    • intensive initial involvement to fully understand your business
    • full review and implementation of business systems and controls to enable accurate and timely monthly management accounts
    • budgeting, forecasts plus other internal financial reporting to provide essential commercial information
    • part-time financial controller or financial director for your business
    • general management assistance

    Once in place, our business financial management systems mean clients can choose to do much of the work themselves, or retain our services so as to concentrate on their own areas of expertise.

  • What Next

    After the first meeting we send you a letter setting out our understanding of the objectives of the project, the steps we plan to take, our estimate of the time required, the cost and proposed starting and completion dates.

    We break each phase into a managable project that can be discussed with you. These stages can be monitored by you, so that you can give valuable feedback but also feel in control of the project.

Andrew Martin provides business financial management services