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how Andrew Martin’s clients have benefited from the direct implementation of information systems solutions. The following Case Studies profile the applications.

  • Mr David Bearne - Managing Director – Xlent Foods Limited

    Andy was initially recommended to me by Dixon Walsh who were acting for me when I purchased the business (Xlent Foods Ltd). The initial reason for the recommendation was because of Andy's expertise in the financial accounting package that was being used by the business.

    Turnover approx. £1.5m

    In the first instance Andy reviewed the use and setup of the software and the structure of the nominal ledger. He recommended changes to the setup of the system and how it was being used. These changes were made, and provided significant improvements in our ability to extract management information and the effective and efficient use of the software package.

    It quickly became apparent that Andy could provide many skills that would benefit the business, and so we continued to use his services as a management consultant as well as a finance/accounting consultant.

    Some areas of immediate concern to me when I purchased the company were:
    • Lack of proper financial processes and reporting
    • Complete lack of management reporting information
    • There was no budgeting and forecasting systems in place
    • The day-to-day operations and processes of the business appeared to be disjointed.

    As a direct result of Andrew's input, we now have good and comprehensive management & financial reporting in place, leading to a better understanding of the business on a month-to-month basis. This has allowed us to identify areas in which to make operational improvements as well as financial improvements, which in turn have given us the ability to better plan our strategy for growth and efficiency.

    Andrew's skills, knowledge and advice have helped us to improve our customer service, employee satisfaction and the operational processes of our business, in addition to the budgeting and forecasting capabilities. He has truly been indispensable in helping us lay the foundations for growth.

    The staff and directors alike all view Andrews contributions very positively and he is regarded as a highly knowledgeable and professional person.
  • Mr Dennis Turner - Dealer Principal – Turners of Erlestoke Ltd

    Franchised Motor Dealership – Turnover approx £2.5m

    Andrew was recommended to us by our manufacturer's Business Development Manager as we had been struggling to submit accurate monthly composite returns to the manufacturer.

    Andrew met with us to explain what was going wrong and why
    Andrew spoke on our behalf to both the manufacturer and the software vendor and designed a model that translated our accounting data into an appropriate format. Within two days, we were able to submit our composite return accurately and on time. This took us less than a minute compared with two to three days previously, plus the submission was successful and on time.

    Having gained our confidence with his broad knowledge and experience, Andrew recommended improvements to our recording and collation of information, leading to efficiencies in processing times. A management accounting model was then written that took seconds to populate.

    Succession planning was the next step. We had not realised the importance of this and Andrew recommended we speak to a specialist in probate, the outcome of which resulted in a considerable efficiencies being achieved. Andrew also recommended incorporating the business and clearly explained to us clearly what would be involved along with likely tax savings.

    Andrew continues to work with our company on financial and business management matters. We could not justify or afford a full-time Financial Director but he enables us to tap into the same degree of information and support but on a need-only basis, saving us considerable time and money.

    Project Summary

    Initially asked to advise on monthly composite (MI) submission to manufacturer.

    • Reduced time and accuracy of completion by writing and configuring models to translate data from in-house management system into submission format reducing time requirement dramatically.
    • Design of specific motor trade management account formats.
    • Improvement in internal controls and collation of accounting data.
    • Assistance with monthly and year end financial reporting.
    • Advised of and assisted with tax planning opportunities.
    • Managed incorporation of business and restructuring of nominal ledger.
    • Advised of succession planning opportunities and probate requirements.
    • Provision of Company Secretarial support.
  • Mr J Ball - Director - Eden Resource Management Ltd

    Chartered Building Consultants, Construction and Project Management

    Annual Turnover circa £4.5m

    erm was established in 2000 with the company increasing turnover from circa £650K in year one to £4.5m in year 7. The company provides consultancy services to include building design, planning & building regulations applications, development management, project management and commercial management as well as carrying out complete projects as the principle contractor. As a result of these services the demands on our accounts department are sometimes complex and require sound management.

    Andrew Martin was appointed by erm as a Consultant Accountant to assist in the management and development of the accounts department. Initially this included overseeing the recruitment of an in house accounts manager, addressing short comings in procedures and records and then assistance to establish a sound accounting package which would keep pace with the increasing size and complexity of the business as a whole.

    Andrew has advised and overseen the implementation of a management accounting system which enables the directors to see and understand exactly how the company is performing on a monthly/quarterly basis, provided advice on the selection and benefit of new accounting software and acted as the principle liaison with the external firm of accountants, Milsted Langdon, to produce the company's year end financial results.

    Andrew has also been involved in the companies take over of RiN Associates Ltd which took place in January 2006. Andrew's role was to review the previous trading year performance of RiN and advise the directors of the current financial status of the company. Andrew then proceeded to establish procedures and controls within the accounts department to ensure a smooth transition of RiN into the erm group.

    "I would recommend Andrew to any organisation which requires sound experience and honest accounting advice"
  • Andy Pearson - Managing Director - AMP Access Ltd

    Andrew Martin was introduced to AMP Access Ltd by a firm of professional advisors. AMP had achieved substantial growth in recent years and was looking to increase its network of outlets across the south west region. To achieve this, financial management in the organisation needed to be strengthened, providing improvements to management information and the accuracy of data processing.
    Andrew met with our small accounts team and was able to communicate very quickly how systems might be improved and the merits of doing so. He explained about the amount of time and the cost involved. As the Managing Director, I felt certain that Andrew was the person to assist ust. Nonetheless, he insisted that we discuss the matter with our tax advisors, auditors and bankers in order that they might also have an input into the decision to appoint him. The response was a resounding agreement by all parties.

    Andrew soon won the trust and confidence of those working within the Accounts department and immediate benefits were evident to the management team. A demerger of the company had reduced the number of Accounts staff to just one so Andrew advised on the number and calibre of staff required to manage the change process and to cope with the continued growth that the company was achieving.

    The huge backlog of processing in the Accounts department was quickly cleared and transparent management reports on company performance soon followed - the first time we had received such information on a monthly basis, accurately and within two weeks of each month-end.

    New internal controls were implemented and existing processes and policies were enhanced. By the time the financial year-end had been reached, we had a revitalised accounts team of four people, each dedicated to a separate discipline within the financial function and responsible for it. The importance of this was clear; by granting some responsibility to each of the team, the individual became accountable for their work and their morale improved also.

    Andrew continued to educate the staff in the accounts department, encouraging them to gain a greater understanding of their own role and to appreciate the bigger picture plus the impact of their contribution to everything the finance department was charged with delivering.

    We now have a very keen and forward thinking finance team with the confidence and ability to cope on a day-to-day basis, and using Andrew for the more complex decisions and routines. Cashflow is understood and forecast on a daily basis. Improved communications between departments and individuals has provided more accurate data and a better understanding of areas needing improvement.

    In addition to the above, Andrew has provided impartial advice to the Board of AMP Access Ltd on a number of matters as well as being able to recommend other suppliers capable of delivering superior value products and services; for example, IT support and the procurement of company vehicles.

    AMP Access Ltd was successfully acquired by Lavendon Plc with Andrew involved from the outset. Such circumstances are always very demanding and the Board of AMP is very grateful for the professionalism and on-going support of Andrew Martin Consulting as the business continues to grow.

    In summary, Andrew Martin Consulting has provided considerable support to our business in the area of financial and business management and, as the Managing Director of AMP Access Ltd, I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as a dedicated and professional Financial Manager providing a cost-effective service to businesses such as ours.

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