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Andrew Martin Consulting provides financial management support

Once in place, our business financial management systems mean clients can choose to do much of the work themselves or retain our services to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

Personal Service

Helping small & medium sized businesses gain control of their finances.

Design & Reporting

Review and design of processes, internal controls, IT systems, control templates and business reporting.

Financial Forecasts

Integrated financial forecasts to help stabilise the future of your business.


Personalised one to one meetings to understand best course of action.

Who we are & what we do

Expert Business Financial Management

Expert business financial management is essential to the survival and success of every business. This is best provided by a specialist business financial manager working inside the company. Still, many businesses cannot justify the services of such a person on a full-time basis. Andrew Martin Consulting enables management to outsource this requirement to an experienced professional.

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Smart Financial Consulting

Andrew Martin Consulting can assist with enabling a better understanding of how the business is performing, how resources are utilised, and whether it might be more efficient and cost-effective to re-distribute resources to concentrate on one or more types of trade rather than on potentially loss-making activities.

Management Support

Whether two days a week, four days a month or even one day a quarter, Andrew offers assistance and advice accordingly, supporting the management of the business as you require.

Business Sense

Employment of a full time Finance Director, is extremely expensive today. So being able to source the relevant experience and knowledge on a need only basis makes for sound business sense.


The service offered is confidential and personal. Andrew prefers to be able to react to any issue immediately. Sometimes just being there to listen to an idea of a Director or proprietor, or to provide a reassuring comment makes all the difference.

Management Information

Quality MI allows a factual vision of the business. As trends emerge, good or bad, a focus on cause and consequence will enable resources to be reallocated if necessary to correct or maximise performance and opportunities.


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The key is to ensure that data is correctly, accurately and completely recorded.

This is where I can help. Far more useful and valuable information appropriate to the needs to the business and the users of such information, offering various levels of sophistication and detail, is provided at regular intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

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