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Expert Business Financial Management

Expert business financial management is essential to the survival and success of every business. This is best provided by a specialist business financial manager working inside the business, but many businesses simply cannot justify the services of such a person on a full-time basis. Andrew Martin Consulting enables management to outsource this requirement to an experienced professional.

Sound business financial management and the ability of management to articulate this by way of management information can only be seen as a positive.  Banks and other third parties will expect accurate and meaningful forecasts, business plans and financial/management information when assessing and appraising a business.  The involvement of a capable and recognised professional supporting the business enhnaces this perspective.

What sort of business financial management?

Most business managers do not have the benefit of regular and detailed management accounts, they rely on standard print-outs from their accounting software or a comparison of bank statements at the start and end of a month or even year. This is where I can help. Far more useful and valuable information appropriate to the needs to the business and the users of such information, offering various levels of sophistication and detail, is provided at regular intervals, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.  The key is to ensure that data is correctly, accurately and completely recorded.

I also operate as non-executive finance director for those businesses that feel they would like the benefits of an FD but do not feel they can justify the full time cost of such a role.

What makes me different from a Chartered Accountant?

Your accountant will provide you with compliance assistance and taxation advice plus many other benefits. Whilst also understanding such issues, I concentrate on the day-to-day operational issues within the organisation, working to augment the role of the chosen accountancy firm. Indeed, much of my work is referred to me by firms of Chartered Accountants/auditors and bankers. Read More…

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Andrew Martin Consulting provides financial management support to small and medium sized businesses throughout the south west.